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Welcome to the XBOPHOENIX clan Website

So Who? or What is Xbophoenix?
Xbophoenix is a gaming community from the UK for mature players (18+) of all level and abilities for the XboxOne we have casual players and serious players, we are a friendly clan with a fast growing community,  we have commitments outside of our gaming lives such as work, family etc. Theres no ranks and were all equal here, there's no time requirements of how much time you have to give to the clan or anything like that were all here to have fun and game when we can. 

So What do we Play?
we have many games that we look to play as a clan and are always adding more games due to demand of our members. These are some of the games we currently play:
Halo MCC
A brief look into the future and were looking to continue the clan on the likes of:
Star Wars Battlefront
Rainbow six: siege
The Division
Halo 5
These lists just show the games that a popular at the moment we are always adding to this and branching out to different games within the gaming world.

What we offer
At Xbophoenix  we feel its important that everyone feels welcome and that the clan is ran by itself we are all equal there's no rank for anyone except the obvious need for us to have admins who are here to help in the running of the clan but are no different to any other member and we are always looking for our members to help out if they can, we currently have members who organise our monthly competitions which prizes can be won for the victors,  help out with recruitment of new members, create newsletters and even hold a Feature Member article where a clan member is interviewed.By joining Xbophoenix we offer you a friendly clan, a place where you can make new friends and to be part of a fun relaxed and growing community, we offer clan tournaments with prizes for the winners through our sponsors who also offer our members a discount in there store.

Join our game community sites
The clan uses a app on your phone called TeamApp to chat to each other and create events feel free to join us there once your all signed up, you will also find links to our GTA V and Destiny clan sites to the left of this page but will also receive the links in the welcome message you receive when you join us here at Xboxphoenix. We look forward to meeting you soon, have a great day.

Joining Xbophoenix couldn't be easier just register on the right of the tab bar at the top of this page, enter your details as requested. Someone will be in touch soon to say hi and to approve your membership request. To avoid any confusion when registering please register your username as the exact same as your XBOX Gamertag thank you. 

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